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New 5-Star Amazon Review from Alcohol Addiction Therapist

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Book Reviews

I feel honoured and privileged to receive the following glowing five-star review from a fellow British Alcohol Addiction Therapist and member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and British Psychological Society:

“An incredibly helpful and most comprehensive guide to working with alcohol addiction.

I found Holmes’s Complete Guide incredibly useful in terms of my work as a psychotherapist with clients with alcohol addiction. It gives a comprehensive overview on what is involved in this work and generously offers a great amount of tools that can be used in measuring different aspects of client’s functioning to establish the most effective individual intervention plan.

As well as being deeply rooted in the latest academic research and packed with very useful references, this book is very easy to read and very entertaining.

I feel that this book is a must have for the therapists and counsellors working with alcohol addiction and a great insight for those who specialises in other fields of psychological interventions.”

Mrs. O. Georghiou MBACP MBPsS

This review is rare because it comes from a professional therapist in the trenches with alcohol addiction on a daily basis. This book is therapeutical, and not “coaching” like many popular “quit-lit” books today, and it is difficult to get the balance right between “academic research” on the one hand, and “easy to read” and “entertaining” on the other, which Mrs. Georghiou kindly explains the book achieved in this review.

Furthermore, Mrs. Georghiou suggests that this book is a” must have” for “other therapists and counsellors working with alcohol addiction” and for me, there is no greater compliment than that. It is like the difference between giving a person a fish, and teaching a person to fish.

I hope this book will serve and support many other professional alcohol addiction therapists in their noble life-saving work with clients suffering from alcohol use disorders.

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Holmes has a Master's degree from UCL, and is a registered CBT Therapist at NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals, and abides by their professional standards and ethics.

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