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Alcohol is NOT a depressant

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Press Release, Research


According to research in a new book, “Holmes’s Complete Guide To Stop Drinking Alcohol; The Easy, Mindful and Pain-free Way,” published this month in the U.S. on, here, and available in the UK, here.

“Everyone’s been told they were mad to think alcohol made them feel good because it was a depressant when in fact everyone was right all along: alcohol does give you pleasure,” Author Mark Holmes said. “Research shows that the stimulant effect rises as Blood Alcohol content increases, and as this begins to fall, it is immediately followed by a rising Sedative effect.”

Independent research validation

“This biphasic effect of alcohol is central to the Differentiator Model (Newlin and Thomson, 1990), which purports that persons at risk for alcohol use disorders experience heightened positive-like effects of alcohol during the rising phase of the blood alcohol curve (BAC) and reduced sedative-like effects during the declining limb compared to their low-risk counterparts.”

(Source: Hendler, Reuben & Ramchandani, Vijay & Gilman, Jodi & Hommer, Daniel. (2011). Stimulant and Sedative Effects of Alcohol. Current topics in behavioral neurosciences. 13. 489-509. 10.1007/7854_2011_135.]


Mark Holmes, Master’s post-graduate of the University of London, and CEO and Founder of Addiction Help Agency Limited, based in London, UK, is a former lecturer, and recovered alcoholic, who developed a new twelve-week online live one-on-one Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Alcohol Cessation programme during lockdown, trying to turn the negative pandemic crises into a positive by helping people who are suffering from another deadly condition: alcoholism.

This shocking embarrassment to the medical profession is revealed in a new 375-page book, “HOLMES’S COMPLETE GUIDE TO STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL” by Mark Holmes, with over 300+ academic references. The Independent Review of Books has called it, “fact-based highly entertaining”, “a great self-help book”, and a “must-read if you want to totally abstain from drinking alcohol.”

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Mark Holmes MA is CEO and Founder of the Addiction Help Agency Ltd., to help others achieve permanent sobriety painlessly without using willpower and without cravings.

Holmes is a former International School Principal and high functioning alcoholic for over thirty years who spent years researching how to stop drinking which led to training as an Alcohol Addiction CBT Therapist and culminated in writing his unique mindfulness method of alcohol cessation in "Holmes's Complete Guide To Stop Drinking Alcohol; The Easy, Mindful and Pain-free Way".

Holmes has a Master's degree from UCL, and is a registered CBT Therapist at NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals, and abides by their professional standards and ethics.

Holmes offers one-to-one online counselling HERE internationally and face-to-face one-day group seminars HERE in London, UK.

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